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I’m Poonam and I was born in the UK. I currently live in London and while I've lived in other parts of the country too, my heart always brings me back to the big ol' city...and if you’ve ever seen my tweets and photos on Twitter, you’ll know my love for London runs deep.

What I DO

I specialise in Visual Sociology, Qualitative Research, and the Sociology of Emotions. 

I write on social issues and factors that influence  our human condition. 

I'm a guest speaker at professional conferences and events in the UK and beyond. I facilitate personal development seminars and workshops which have garnered rave reviews from my audiences. 

For two years (2017-2019), I was a coach and a mentor at Sprint; an immersive personal development programme that aims to inspire and empower women in achieving their life goals.

I'm also highly experienced in the world of teaching and learning, having lectured across universities in and around London. 

My 'Coaching Style'...

Creative thinking and key strategies are at the centre of my coaching style; and I'm passionate about guiding people on a transformational journey.

My coaching approach is solution and action-focused; and I combine both theoretical and real-life practical knowledge—giving you the best of both worlds. I'm deeply empathetic, and in the same breath, I believe it is important to challenge fixed mind-sets to help individuals flourish. I have a straightforward, no nonsense approach and I don’t hold back. Put simply, I want to see you thrive!

If you are ready to create the life that you want and need, and are seeking someone who will be your biggest cheerleader, get in touch so we can walk this journey together. 

ten interesting things about











I won a PhD scholarship from the University of Warwick.

I go swimming at least twice a week and I love it! 

I've created and delivered a course on serial killers which includes scavenger hunts too.

The only woman to be nominated as Lecturer of the Year in a Law Department (2018).

I've hosted all sorts of parties; including speed-dating, hen-dos, as well as Birthdays. I'm 'the friend' with all the fun, creative ideas.

I lived in Bristol for five years where I also received my BA(Hons) and MA in Sociology.

I've been journaling for over 25 years and still going strong.

I won the best speech at a table topic contest in London (2013).

I did six months of solo travelling in south-east Asia (September 2019 - March 2020).

The boys in my sixth form A-Level Sociology class voted that the student most likely to be Britain's future Prime Minister would be me!

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