Events and Communications Director

Poonam's coaching helped me following a big change in my personal life. I was extremely overwhelmed by my situation and talking to Poonam helped me to manage my anxiety and stress. Poonam's different from other coaches--she immediately made me feel at ease with her relaxed style and I felt like I was talking to a friend. She has the remarkable ability to ask exactly the right questions to provoke self-reflection which ultimately led to a positive change. I came out of the session feeling like a weight had been lifted and I was ready to confront my situation head on with practical solutions. If you are ready to commit to a journey of self-exploration I would highly recommend Poonam.


'Somewhere between surviving and thriving the Corporate Life'

During one of the worst periods in my life, I was suffering from severe anxiety and experiencing panic attacks. I reached out to Poonam, hoping someone could help me through this dark time. She was extremely attentive to my fears, concerns, and worries. She gave me the space to express my feelings without making me feel I was being judged. I found calmness in Poonam which reflected back on to me, and this enabled me to start building my confidence again. At first there were talks and a lot of listening involved. She took the time to understand my feelings and took me seriously. She allowed me to feel all those things without responding to my sadness with cliché lines like “everything will be okay”, “time heals all”, and “its okay to not be okay”. Instead, she helped me see my situation through a different lens. This helped me enormously to begin taking the practical steps that I needed to help me manage my anxiety and how I responded to difficult situations. I found through our conversations and making plans and setting goals gave me a new zest for life—to achieve and remain positive. Four years later, and I am in a very different place now. I can manage my anxiety with ease, I have achieved goals that I thought I never could, and I can without a doubt say this because I had Poonam’s wonderful support and motivation. She’s a great guide and a reminder that there is always help available which can do wonders for your life! I highly recommend Poonam to anyone looking to find motivation, courage, and positivity in anything they may be struggling with, whether it is your love life, work life, family, or friends. Thankyou Poonam.


Regional Director of Brand Strategy

I met Poonam a few years ago when I  was at a very difficult crossroad  in my life, both professionally and personally and I lacked the belief and confidence to take the right steps for my life. With incredible insight, empathy and pragmatic advice, Poonam helped me navigate some very tricky situations and most of all, helped me to regain my lost confidence and trust in myself. I would highly recommend her because she combines her incredible intelligence and know-how with a lot of kindness and ultimately she helped me transform my life. 


Writer & Author 

Poonam helped me during periods where I needed guidance to take essential steps forward in the direction needed. She is firm and fair when ensuring you to stay on task and is able to help you see clarity no matter how complex a situation may seem. Particularly in moments of disillusionment, Poonam was excellent at bringing everything back into perspective—often using humour and wit to get me back on track. If you are looking for coaching, I would highly recommend her!