Freya MacCormack

Trainee Solicitor

Dr. Madar is an energetic and enthusiastic tutor. When delivering lectures, her approach was highly engaging. Dr. Madar took the time to learn the names of all of the students within the class - something which many tutors neglected to do. This made the session feel more inclusive, and encouraged people to share more of their ideas. In particular, I can recall a session in which a fellow student shared his own experience of losing a friend to knife crime. It was highly moving, and is testament to the trusting tutor-student relationship that Dr. Madar's teaching approach evoked.

Jas Suri, BA(Hons)

I enjoyed Poonam's contemporary twist on the lectures that I attended. She used current examples to illustrate each topic, and taught with passion, humour and professionalism. I was impressed by Poonam's use of powerful imagery as well as references to film and music which helped with my understanding of the subject matter. Questions were always encouraged and discussed interactively with respect. Highly recommended. 

Irina Niculescu, BA(Hons), MA

Poonam taught the 'Cultures of Race and Racism' module during my final year at Surrey University. Her lectures were well structured and thought provoking. Similarly, during her seminars, she encouraged us to speak up, to critically evaluate ideas, and to get out of our comfort zone by adopting a team-based learning approach. 

Poonam's work makes me think of bell hook's approach to teaching: 'It was crucial for me and every other student to be an active participant, not a passive consumer.' (hooks, 1994)

Michela Del Buono, BSc, MSc

Poonam is one of the best lectures I had at Roehampton. Her classes were always engaging and she knew how to motivate people to speak up and think critically about the sessions. She taught me 'Crimes of the Powerful' and helped me to improve, and for that I am very grateful. Poonam comes across as confident, knowledgeable, and at the same time, approachable, which allows students to confidently ask for help and advice. The commitment she shows towards her job and her students goes beyond giving a lecture. She agreed to meet me to give me advice after I completed my degree, and she always appeared supportive. Poonam is a brilliant lecturer and I would highly recommend any of her classes. 

Luke Millan, BSc in Criminology

Dr Poonam Madar was one of my very first lecturers at Roehampton University and really helped to shape my university experience through my time. Her teaching style was direct and supportive which was extremely helpful in the opening months. As a teacher she would always have time for her pupils and was very generous with her office hours which made her one of the more popular lecturers in the department. Her modules remained interesting and insightful. Changing from the traditional idea of a sit down lesson, the sessions were interactive and full of discussion which made the lessons a lot more interesting and fulfilling. Feedback would be given on time and there was always an option to gain additional feedback for improvements for future work. Dr. Madar takes an interest in her pupils and if you get a chance to take one of her modules, I would definitely recommend you to do it, you won't be disappointed : )

Kyla Burton, FIRST CLASS Honours

Poonam – what can I say about her as lecturer: professional, dedicated and very knowledgeable, she can keep a class interested using different methods of teaching but more importantly she listens.  But she is more than that when you look at the amazing things that she has done with students. Some may argue that it is the sociologist in her but having been around her in different settings, you can see that this is who she is as a person and as a professional. As someone who is passionate about Youth and Gender I was very enthusiastic and pleased when Poonam created a space for women at Uni (‘International Women’s Day Workshop’ for example), and celebrating and recognising the importance of that space. As an ethnic minority woman it was important for me seeing that space was created by someone like me. Representation matters! Poonam understands this but never in a way to undermine the representations of others.


I am blessed to have known Poonam during her time at my Uni.

Jane Sedlackova

I had the opportunity to be in Poonam’s classes for one semester at the start of my academic journey. It was clear to me and the rest of the class that Poonam’s teaching style demanded respect and we were captivated from the first time she spoke. Poonam’s lectures were remarkable and so versatile; she used a great variety of resources, such as videos, songs, documentaries as well as written text to convey the messages/lessons she was trying to teach us. What really stood out was her ability to make us reflect and make us reach conclusions considering all perspectives. She encouraged us to think critically; not only about the particular topic that we would discuss in that given week, but also the wider implications involved in our understanding of the subject matter as a whole. Interaction is key for Poonam; she based her lectures and seminars on teacher-student interaction, which resulted in such an engaging two-hour class which offered different viewpoints from students that Poonam was able to encourage further with her inquisitive style of teaching. Simply put, my experience of Poonam as a lecturer and as a person has stayed with me for years after the semester she spent as our teacher. Her supportive attitude has helped me when I needed it, her views have broadened my horizons and her feedback has challenged me to become a better student and a more respectful person. 

Kyle Knight, BSc, MA

Dr Poonam Madar is one of the most insightful and helpful people I have had the pleasure of meeting. At the University of Roehampton, Dr Madar always made the lectures and seminars as engaging as possible, ensuring that all students attending could participate in a manner that suited them, such as group discussions or activities to help break the ‘typical’ lecture mould. Dr Madar’s interactions with students meant that not one individual student ever felt left out; as she always greeted every student with a smile and got to know everyone by a name by name basis. Dr Madar also made a great personal tutor to the students lucky enough to receive her alongside the courses that she taught. Her ability to be sensitive to student issues as well as wise enough to offer help where possible, Dr Madar made sure that every 1:1 session a student attended, they were better equipped to deal with not only the modules she ran, but also any University issue beyond the classroom. It was a pleasure to learn from Dr Poonam Madar and I hope to learn from her again in the future!

Naz Najeeb, BA(Hons)

Counselling and CBT Therapist

I met Poonam at the University of West London where I attended several of her lectures during 2017/2018. Poonam was able to hold her own; engaging well with her audience and delivering ‘fun’ lectures as well as getting everyone involved in class discussions. The ways in which Poonam delivered the content of her lectures and organised group activities made it interesting to learn and study various topics.

Poonam went out of her way to be available for those that required additional help with their assessments; staying behind after lectures/seminars to assist students individually, and further explaining their assessments, as well as providing extra assistance with assignment structure and writing skills. One of the assessments included creating a poster. The process involved in poster design and engaging audiences through visual storytelling was particularly fascinating. All posters produced by the students were displayed in UWL’s Exhibition Hall and included a ceremony whereby the top poster designs were presented with awards.

Poonam is passionate and confident in her teaching style; which also gave me confidence knowing that she was there to help. For example, as part of an ongoing assessment, Poonam taught us how to produce a mini-project; whereby we could demonstrate a subject matter that we each personally felt was worth campaigning about. I feel this assessment paved the way to prepare us for the best part of our degree: ‘The Dissertation’. 

Poonam could light up a room when she walked in; she made everyone’s learning experience a joy by engaging with her audience at all levels with respect and professionalism. There was a mixture of both young and mature students in her sessions, and she was able to speak to and engage with everyone meeting their needs at different levels. She received great admiration and appreciation from her colleagues and students alike; and I would have no hesitation in working with Poonam in the future or recommending her as an outstanding individual.  

Rachel Austin

MSc in Cybercrime and Digital Investigation

Poonam is a wonderful lecturer; I attended her sessions when I was a student at the University of Roehampton. She would bring an exciting lesson plan with her every week which in turn helped her students engage with learning material in a variety of ways. Poonam really wants students to engage with the learning and understand it rather than just be the type of lecturer that dictates information and expects us to learn in that manner. Beyond Poonam’s ability to broaden her students’ minds, she created a space in her classroom that allowed everyone to feel comfortable to share ideas or questions and essentially helped students to ‘grow up’ and be responsible adults. As a person, Poonam is deeply considerate, patient and always aims to strive for the best for both herself and those around her. Students, including myself, could readily engage with her if there were any issues.

The interesting aspects that Poonam brought to my education, was the concept of never relying on one sole piece of media for information; for example, a single journal article – but rather, to explore numerous avenues of research to better our knowledge and understanding. Poonam also created and designed wonderful assignments that allowed the students to express themselves in a manner that not only adhered to the structure of the university but also encouraged our individuality. One particular event that I think demonstrates the trust she had with her students as well as how she encouraged us to be ourselves, is when she set us a task of researching an injustice within the criminal system and to report in any which way or form to the rest of the class. This task was by far the most enjoyable for me as she did not dictate to us which injustice we had to focus on nor she did say that we had to stay within UK borders. Once myself and the student I was working alongside with, gave our report (and leaflet) about an injustice regarding on a death row inmate- Poonam congratulated us on picking such a controversial issue for some people but also that the work that we had done had shown great maturity and research for a successful topic.

Finally, Poonam is a wonderful individual; and I am glad that I had the pleasure of being taught by her. Also, having someone like Poonam whilst I was at university showed me the potential I had for any future endeavours that I put my mind to. Due to Poonam’s determination to succeed and to help her students succeed, it resonated in me that everyone can always better themselves. As a result I went on to pursue a Master’s degree and I am currently looking into doing a PhD.

Somi Shah BA(Hons)

My personal stance on Poonam’s delivery of teaching is that it reflects a commendable balance of sophistication and professionalism. This is combined with a desirable level of informality and affability towards her students. Not only did her approach enable me to form a comfortable and reputable relationship with Poonam, but it also provided an encouraging and supportive environment in which I felt more confident and motivated in my overall learning experience. Poonam’s style of teaching and delivery of academic content encourages students to actively engage in critical thinking; and this is coupled with a sense of casualness in a relaxed environment that personally engaged my keenness and willingness to participate in discussions and debates more. This was particularly reflected in Poonam’s seminar sessions, in which her ability to create an intimate yet intellectually stimulating ambience felt almost as though one was not in a classroom, but amongst a group of friends eagerly discussing the subject-matter at hand. Thus, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being such a remarkable lecturer! I still value the efforts you put into every lecture and seminar. Sharing those sessions with you was such a delight due to your passion and charismatic style of teaching. I only hope for the sake of all the future Somi’s out there (as was in my case), that you shall continue to be inspiring, because I have learnt a lot of things from you! Poonam, you honestly contributed to making my experience at Roehampton that much better! 

Vera Joi, BA(Hons)

I am so pleased to have had Poonam as one of my lecturers as she continuously brought a positive and pleasant manner to all the sessions. Learning and studying in Poonam’s classes is both interesting and informative; she always brings new ideas to make the classes livelier. I truly appreciate her hard work and above all, understanding the needs of all the students. Whenever I had any concerns about assessments, I could rely on Poonam to always be available to address these and answer any questions I had. Poonam is reliable and supportive which I was very thankful for. There is one particular moment that stands out for me the most in one of Poonam’s sessions, and it took place in a ‘Research Methods’ seminar – Poonam asked the class to write an observation that we had made / or thoughts that we had about the class. I found this interesting and useful as she brought the students closer together and this opened a brighter atmosphere for the following year that we were together. Overall, her professional approach secured my willingness to work hard and be positive.